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Surf | Target Maui Pro

  A look at the Aussie’s 2014 season and her journey to the top of the rankings going into the final event. A lot of great competition though, and we are more then ready to watch the Target Maui Pro LIVE later today! 7:30 HST time. So make sure to check out the live stream […]

Skate | We Can Do It Teaser

  TEASER! Divas Skateras made a new video! And here is their teaser for it. We are so stoked on this, as they really show the power of women in skateboarding. We cannot wait for the video to come out and check out the top females in skateboarding in South America. With riders such as: Euli Vieira […]

Skate | Planz Skatepark in Bakersfield

  Blog cam by Girls Skate Network. With Rad girls: Esther Cortinas, Kristin Ebeling, Nina Troeng and Nika Washington. Shredding up Planz Skatepark in Bakersfield.

Snow | Volcom Women’s Team Up @ Kitz

  Read the full story here: Last March our global women’s army teamed up, cleared up a short window in their season and decided to defy the natural elements and do a team shoot in only a few days. They’d clearly done something right in the past as stars aligned letting the full script play […]

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